A wise Forestry Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University once said, Provided sufficient quality information, a landowner will make a wise forest management decision almost every time.

Welcome to the North Carolina Forestry Library. What started out as a small collection of publications placed online for the convenience of our clients has grown to become one of the largest repositories for online forestry information available in North Carolina, for both forest landowners and forestry professionals alike. With over 500 publications written by close to 350 authors, the collection consolidates information available from many sources including the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, N.C. Forest Service, and various Extension services, including our own Forestry Extension at North Carolina State University, into a single location that is categorized by topic, author, series, and publisher. Topics range from tree planting to harvesting and include items such as basic tree identification, forest management, insects and diseases, road construction, preserving water quality and, of course, many of the animals that make our forest a special place.

We hope you enjoy these resources and use them to become a better steward of the forest land you own and in turn, keep North Carolina the place we all enjoy.

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