Woodland Owner Notes is a highly informative series of over fourty publications about forest management, written especially for private forest landowners in North Carolina. The notes are produced by the NC Cooperative Extension Service.

  1. Extension Teletip Messages on Forestry, Wildlife, and Forest Products
  2. An Information Guide to Forest and Wildlife Management
  3. Where to Go for Forestry Assistance
  4. Financial Incentives for Forest Management
  5. Estimating the Volume of a Standing Tree Using a Scale (Biltmore) Stick
  6. A Consumer's Guide to Consulting Foresters
  7. Forest Soils and Site Index
  8. Reforestation as an Investment: Does it Pay?
  9. Reforestation of North Carolina's Pines
  10. Timber Sale Agreements
  11. Wild Turkey Management
  12. Deer Management
  13. Thinning Pine Stands
  14. Producing Firewood from Your Woodlot
  15. Site Preparation Methods and Contracts
  16. Steps to Successful Pine Plantings
  17. Plant Trees and Wildlife Cover Under the Conservation Reserve Program!
  18. Producing Longleaf Pine Straw
  19. Before You Sell Your Timber
  20. Producing Shiitake Mushrooms: A Guide for Small-Scale Outdoor Cultivation on Logs
  21. Land Ownership, Liability, and the Law in North Carolina
  22. Maintaining the Forestry Excemption Under the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act
  23. Enrolling in North Carolina's Forest Stewardship Program
  24. Restoration of Wetlands Under the Wetlands Reserve Program
  25. A Landowner's Guide to Working with Recreationists
  26. Understanding Forestry Terms: A Glossary for Private Landowners
  27. Wildlife and Forest Stewardship
  28. Forest Stewardship: Planning for Beauty and Diversity
  29. Recreational Forest Trails: Plan for Success
  30. Nutrition Management for Longleaf Pine Straw
  31. Voluntary Conservation Options for Land Protection in North Carolina
  32. Management by Objectives: Successful Forest Planning
  33. Crop Tree Management in North Carolina
  34. Pruning Woodland Trees
  35. Maintaining Forest Property Boundaries
  36. Managing for Hardwood
  37. Planting Your New Stewardship Forest
  38. Developing Wildlife-Friendly Pine Plantations
  39. Using a Compass and Pacing
  40. North Carolina's Forestry Present-Use Valuation (PUV) Property Tax Program
  41. Practicing Forestry Under Local Regulations
  42. An Introduction to Forest Certification
  43. Zoning and Land Use Regulation of Forestry
  44. Protecting Working Forests with Voluntary Agricultural District Programs
  45. Preserving the Past: A Guide for North Carolina Landowners