What is Forest Stewardship?

Forest stewardship is a commitment to your land for the present and in the future. True stewards apply the ideas of conservation in managing all of the resources of the forest.

Good Forest Stewardship

Benefits of the N.C. Forest Stewardship Program

The forest stewardship program is designed to help landowners manage their forestland for many benefits. As a landowner, you will receive coordinated help from many resource specialists to develop a plan based upon your desires. The result is a workable plan for enhancing wildlife, soil and timber resources, water quality, recreation opportunities and the overall beauty of your property.

As a Forest Steward you will

Financial Help is Available!

Landowners that participate in the Forest Stewardship Program are eligible for many cost-share programs. Details concerning cost-share assistance for stewardship forests are available from your agency representatives.

What Is Required?

Landowners must have 10 acres or more of forestland or land that will support a forest. The entire tract, contiguous acreage, must be committed to the stewardship program. The landowner must agree to improve at least three resources (wildlife, timber, soil and water, or recreation and aesthetics) and protect the remaining resources. The owner must have a written plan with specific actions identified for at least a 10 year period. The landowner or his agent must be available during the field examination to express objectives and discuss management alternatives for the plan. All resource management activities on the tract must conform with N.C. Best Management Practices. Plans will be updated on a 10 year cycle as part of the recertification process.

For additional information on the Forest Stewardship Program contact your local county Forest Ranger.


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Published in June 1991

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