This full-color, pocket-sized guide illustrates proper implementation of BMPs and other erosion control practices that can be used to keep streams and creeks free from sediment and other associated nonpoint source pollution during timber harvesting or other forestry activities.

The BMP Field Guide complements the comprehensive 2006 “North Carolina Forestry Best Management Practices Manual to Protect Water Quality” (or BMP Manual) that outlines in greater detail the history, specifications, and references related to forestry BMPs. The new BMP Field Guide is not intended as a substitute for the Forestry BMP Manual, but rather acts as another tool to use in the woods for protecting water quality and insuring North Carolina’s forests are managed and harvested in a sustainable manner.

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning
  3. Erosion and Runoff Control
  4. SMZs and Waterways
  5. Stream Crossings
  6. Roads
  7. Skid Trails and Logging Decks
  8. Site Prep, Fire, and Chemicals
  9. Fluid, Waste, and Spill Control
  10. Regulations, Laws, and Guidance
  11. Who to Contact

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