NC Forest Groups

Elm/Ash/Cottonwood Group
Maple/Beech/Birch Group
Oak/Gum/Cypress Group
Oak/Hickory Group
Oak/Pine Group
Loblolly/Shortleaf Pine Group
Longleaf/Slash Pine Group
Eastern White Pine Group


  1. The data used to create this map are a subset of the National Forest Type Dataset, produced by the USDA Forest Service Forest Information and Analysis (FIA) Program and Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC).
  2. This map shows Forest Groups, which are created by combining similar Forest Types.
  3. Data used to create this map were accquired between 1978 and 2004.
  4. Each pixel in the downloadable PDF has a resolution of approximately 250 meters.
  5. For more information, see: Ruefenacht, M.\/., et al. 2008. Conterminous U.S. and Alaska Forest Type Mapping Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 74(11):1379-1388.; or


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