Publications Written by Greg

  1. Aquatic Furbearers Biology & Management
  2. Backyard Wildlife Enhancement
  3. Basic Ecological Principles: Understanding How the System Works
  4. The Basics of Population Dynamics
  5. Beavers
  6. Biology & Management of Eastern Wild Turkey
  7. Bobwhite Quail Biology and Management
  8. Cottontail Rabbit Biology and Management
  9. Developing a Wildlife Management Plan
  10. Estimating Wildlife Numbers
  11. Gray Squirrel Biology & Management
  12. Habitat Requirements of Wildlife: Food, Water, Cover and Space
  13. Hunting Leases
  14. Introduction to Wildlife Management
  15. Landowner Alternatives & Considerations for Developing Fee-Access Recreation
  16. Mourning Dove Biology and Management
  17. Protecting Soil and Water Resources
  18. Providing Habitat Needs for Wildlife Through Forest and Agricultural Management
  19. Recreational Access and Liability: What Landowners Should Know
  20. Rules, Regulations and Laws Affecting Wildlife Management
  21. Terrestrial Furbearer Biology & Management
  22. Threatened and Endangered Species: What Landowners Should Know
  23. Waterfowl Biology and Management
  24. Wetland Ecology: Value and Conservation
  25. Wetland Management and Protection
  26. White-tailed Deer Biology & Management
  27. Wildlife Damage Management
  28. Wildlife Economics
  29. Wildlife Food Plantings
  30. Wildlife and Wildlife Management

Publications Edited by Greg

  1. Attracting Doves Legally