Determine Your Basis and Keep More Timber Income

Wow! It finally happened! You are now the proud owner of some woodland acres. Like most new owners, you cannot wait to enjoy the property. Therefore, you pull on your boots, file the sale papers and head for the woods. This is what all too often happens when a new owner takes title to forestland. However, you should place the joys of ownership on hold for one very important determination. A new owner should first determine the original basis, or value, of all merchantable timber at the time of acquisition.

What Will a Forest Tree Earn? “Rule of Thumb” for Gauging the Rate of Return

Have you ever thought about whether a tree should be harvested now or perhaps 10, 20, or 30 years from now? Have you ever wondered if a tree is earning a satisfactory rate of interest? If these and similar questions have intrigued you, then the table and process described in this report should help provide some of the answers.

What is My Timber Worth? And Why?

Stumpage prices can vary greatly. The species, size and quality of the tree are, of course, important but there are also other factors that can account for differences in price. This note discusses some of the factors that can influence the price you receive for your timber.