Land Ownership, Liability, and the Law in North Carolina

A change in North Carolina law makes it possible for landowners to open their lands with less concern about liability in case of an accident or mishap. It is now possible for landowners to allow the public on their property for educational and recreational reasons, when no fee is charged. Under these circumstances, a landowner is required to provide the duty of care owed to a trespasser. The following note explains the major laws impacting landowners’ liability in North Carolina and the responsibilities landowners have for invited and uninvited users of their property.

Producing Firewood from Your Woodlot

A century ago wood supplied most of North Carolina's energy. That share dwindled to less than one percent as energy consumption increased but people switched to coal, oil, and natural gas (much of it used in production of electricity). In the 1970s, steep price increases for nonrenewable fossil fuels led to renewed interest in firewood for domestic heat.

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