Identifying Oak Trees Native to Tennessee

Twenty distinct species of oak are native to Tennessee. Correctly identifying oaks can sometimes be challenging, even for well-trained foresters and botanists. This publication on identifying oak trees will introduce you to brief recognizable features or “BRFs.” BRFs (pronounced briefs) are easy to remember and will help you distinguish between different oak species. Using BRFs, this publication summarizes key features that will allow speedy and accurate identifi cation of Tennessee oaks.

Managing Oak Decline

Oak decline is a slow-acting disease complex that involves the interaction of predisposing factors such as climate, site quality and advancing tree age.

Oak Shelterwood: A Technique to Improve Oak Regeneration

The oak shelterwood method has been developed to enhance the regeneration potential of oaks growing on intermediate and high-quality sites. The method involves a well-timed mid-story removal to improve the number and vigor of oak advance regeneration and a subsequent overstory removal to facilitate regeneration of the stand.

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