Drought Tolerant Trees for the Southeast

You can be sure that all plants need water. However, some plants are able to resist drought better than others. The means by which plants cope with drought varies considerably and impacts how we should use these plants in the landscape. Some plant are "drought tolerant" simply due to an extensive root system, but will suffer if planted where the roots are restricted in the landscape or reduced during transplanting. Other plants are able to conserve water due to limited leaf areas, have leaves that prevent water loss, or can tolerate extreme dehydration.

Recommended Street Trees for North Carolina

This publication contains a list of recommended street trees for North Carolina. Special attention has been given to species with the ability to handle air pollution and heat stress involved with urban environments.

Recommended Trees for Urban Landscapes

The following list of recommended trees includes a variety of plants that have demonstrated particular resistance to harsh growing conditions, diseases, and insects in North Carolina. It should be emphasized, however, that even these trees have their limits. No single species is suited for all sites, and consideration should be given to soil conditions, local occurrence of diseases and insects, microclimate, hardiness zone, and mature tree size when selecting any plant.

The Right Tree for the Right Place

A tree’s requirements to thrive, its form or shape, its size at maturity, and its function in your landscape help determine the best tree to plant.

Urban Trees for Use Under Utility Lines

Selecting trees for use under utility lines presents a unique challenge. It is often desirable to have trees that are large enough to provide shade, architectural effects, and ornamental features, all without interfering with overhead utility lines.

Wet and Dry Sites

To grow, all trees require air, light, water and nutrients. Some trees can survive over a wide range of climatic and soil conditions, whereas others are very site specific. Both wet and dry sites present establishment and growth challenges, making selection of the right tree for the right site very important.

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