De-Coding the Language of Water Quality

As with many sciences, there are a lot of alphabetic abbreviations in the world of forestry and water quality. This Forestry Leaflet de-codes the alphabetic mix and helps you understand the impact of various water quality programs on forest management.


As you manage your timber, you will come in contact with foresters who may use terms with which you are unfamiliar. This chart will help you better understand special terms and abbreviations commonly used in forestry and in making decisions about the productive management of your timber.

Understanding Forestry Terms: A Glossary for Private Landowners

In discussing forestland management and everyday forest operations, you will often hear and read words and phrases that are unique to the natural resources professions. You will also encounter some common terms that have special meanings when applied to forestry. This publication lists and defines more than 150 forest resource terms to help you in conversing with others about forestry matters and in making informed decisions about your forestland.