Precommercial Thinning Contract Considerations

When a stand of trees regenerates naturally from seed sources or stump sprouts, often the outcome is too many tree seedlings are produced, or the seedlings are not evenly spaced across the tract. The resulting thicket of under-sized trees will require substantial time to become a healthy or high-quality forest. In this situation, a precommercial thinning can remove a defined amount of the new trees, thereby providing more ample growing space, sunlight and soil nutrients for the remaining trees and reducing the amount of time required to grow a quality and healthy forest.

Technical Guide to Crop Tree Release in Hardwood Forests

Crop tree release is a widely applicable silvicultural technique used to enhance the performance of individual trees. It offers flexibility in that it can be applied on small or large properties, and with certain modifications, it can be applied as a precommercial or commercial operation.

Thinning Pine Stands

Thinning is the cutting or removal of certain trees from a stand to regulate the number, quality, and distribution of the remaining “crop” trees. If the cut material can be marketed, the thinning is “commercial.” Where markets do not exist for the removed trees (usually because they are too small), the thinning is considered “precommercial.”

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