Causes And Cures For Warp In Drying

Lumber warps in many different ways, but all warp is caused by differential directional shrinkage as the wood dries from its green state. When one edge or face or end of a piece of wood shrinks more than the opposite edge or face or end, the piece warps. The three types of warp are cup, bow and crook. Following an introduction to wood shrinkage, each type of warp will be discussed In terms of its causes, likely locations in a log from which lumber might suffer from it, and preventative measures which can alleviate the warping problem, where possible.

The State of Our Forest Products Industry

This publication highlights the important role North Carolina’s forest products industry plays in the state’s environment and economy and recommends what actions should be taken to support, promote and grow this industry in North Carolina.

Use Preservative-treated Wood & Integrated Pest Management When Rebuilding

Large areas of land along the Gulf of Mexico have been flooded and destroyed by recent hurricanes. Many homes and other buildings are no longer habitable or will be demolished. Some of these structures will be rebuilt. With this rebuilding comes an opportunity to reduce the impact of a wide array of insects, wood decay and rot.

Wood Identification for Hardwood and Softwood Species Native to Tennessee

This publication provides information on how to identify wood of several species common to Tennessee by using a hand-magnifying lens. Included in this publication are a wood identification key for some common Tennessee species, a list of key specie characteristics and a list of companies that sell wood identification sample sets.

Wood Use and Society

It is not uncommon for people to believe that they use little or no wood in their everyday lives. This is understandable since many products made from wood no longer resemble wood or are used in products not often associated with wood.

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